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SH5003 Hanwei Paul Chen Wind & Thunder Tanto: Small but Terrible

TantoWhen it comes to samurai swords, you can count on Hanwei Paul Chen swords to provide you with only the best and highest quality products including the Tanto. The SH5003 Hanwei Paul Chen Wind & Thunder Tanto is now available online. You can also get a set of the three most popular samurai swords. When you buy a set of samurai swords, you can own a Tanto, katana, and wakizashi. This is a great way to own different swords with a single purchase.

One of the samurai swords included in this set is the SH5003 Hanwei Paul Chen Wind & Thunder Tanto which has a blade crafted from high carbon steel, a kashira or butt cap and Raiden tsuba or sword guard of black iron, both with a nice Tomoe ornamentation. Its blade has a large tip or point area or o-kissaki. Its handle is wrapped in rayskin, and both its tsuka- ito or handle-wrap and sageo or cord is made of first-rate Japanese black cotton.

This samurai sword's saya or scabbard is of a deep black varnish. This sword also comes with a Paul Chen Hanwei conventional maintenance kit and a protective cotton storage cloth bag. Its blade measures 9 inches and has a handle which is 5.5 inches long. With an overall length of 15.5 inches, SH5003 Hanwei Paul Chen Wind & Thunder Tanto has a total weight of 11 ounce and a thickness at guard of.24 inches.

In comparison to the katana or the wakizashi, the tanto is much smaller. In fact, it is already considered a knife. However, it is not an ordinary knife! This is usually used for puncturing or stabbing, and so it is vulnerable to cracking or breaking. Despite the thin point of the tanto, it is still thick enough and can withstand a painstaking torture.

The cutting edges of the tanto have two angles and when you sharpen them, make sure that you adjust the angles accordingly based on their grind styles.

As a swordsman, you should own different samurai swords. Most of the tanto sold in online stores are affordable, but you should always go for quality swords and knives. Paul Chen is a trusted name and for several years, it has supplied the market with only the highest quality yet reasonably priced swords!

Shopping online is the best way to find the perfect tanto that can meet your needs. If you still don't have a katana or a wakizashi, this is a perfect opportunity for you to own all three! Invest now for a set of amazing and high quality swords at a price that you can afford. Get one now and be the envy of your friends!

If you would like to purchase this Hanwei Paul Chen Swords or please visit our website at SamuraiSupply.com , or you can contact us at info@samuraisupply.com for more information and we will be happy to help you find the perfect sword for your collection or training!